Friday, November 24, 2017


What is partnership?
When you could be doing your new puzzle or practicing the piano or watching a murder mystery or drinking diet Dr. Pepper but you're stuffing envelopes for your sister and her husband who work in Nigeria!
When you could use the money you make from cleaning stairwells in apartment buildings to buy music, movies, and drinks you love, but you're sending some to Wycliffe every month to be part of what's happening.
When your sister comes home from Nigeria and you make her feel loved by talking about the special things you've done together.
Refusing to eat dinner until you've prayed and thanked God for your sister at the dinner table.

We've had an outpouring of love since we've been in the United States, and my sister Leah is one of the many who have taken the time to refresh our hearts.  If you get a newsletter in the mail, Leah is the one who makes it happen. Three years younger than I am, Leah has been my own personal cheerleader at every event, and now in every season of my life. We are thankful for each person who's partnered with us in their own unique way over the years.


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