Friday, November 24, 2017

Lydia...Purple Baby

We didn't give her the name Lydia because she came out clothed in purple hues, but because we admire that purple cloth seller in the Bible.  Lydia was in Philippi and had found her way to the river where she, a Gentile, was worshiping God with other women.  How do we know she was there?  Paul saw her, and told her about the "Life that was the LIGHT of all man kind." She believed in Him, and opened up her home to the new body of Christ that was being established in Philippi.

I see Lydia as:
Industrious- She was a merchant...a seller of purple cloth
Hospitable- She invited Paul and his companions into her home
Proactive- She believed and she was baptized
Influential and Respected- She and her whole household were baptized
Sensitive- She heard the truth and she knew it was true
Countercultural- She was worshiping God as a gentile...doing what she knew was right even if others might have told her this God wasn't for HER to worship
Spiritual- She was a worshiper of God
Natural- She was worshiping by the river
A Traveler- She was not in her hometown, but in Philippi...and quite at home there!

Like Lydia, we are gentiles, and like Lydia, we believe that Jesus is the life, the life that is the light of all men.  We pray our Lydia will be everything God has intended for her to be!

Welcome, Lydia!

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