Monday, October 16, 2017

The Benediction

God speaks a benediction over us.  Scripture itself echoes his love and affirmation and blessing.  Despite the knowledge of this, there is a longing in my heart to hear the affirmation of Scripture spoken right to me, in an audible voice.  I don’t know if I even knew that reality until, with his hands on our shoulders, Ben Patterson spoke a benediction over me and my husband, Scripture being spoken into the deep places, the longing places.  
No only did Ben and Loretta send us out with a blessing, but the attention and love poured on us while in their home gave me a sense of God’s love and presence in a new way.   They wanted to hear what had happened to us, where we are now, and get our news in the future.  They wanted to stay connected.  I so highly respect this couple, I wasn’t sure I’d say the right things while with them, but their unbridled acceptance melted those self conscious jitters.  

May we be speakers of blessing, in our very attention of those around us, those who “show up” in our lives unexpectedly.  May those who spend time with us know that the longings of our hearts is to know them and for them to share the beauty of their story and experience…sending them out with a blessing and the strength that comes from being known and loved.

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