Saturday, October 7, 2017

Rest and Relationship

God provided through a couple we have never met.
I had asked the announcement for a short-term house to be taken out of the bulletin.
This couple were, down to the days, going to be gone while we were planning on being in town.
We spent two weeks in a fully furnished home...they even left macaroni and cheese and a booster seat for our little person. We were a bike ride away from my family, the grocery story, and the beach!

So many of you have been praying for rest for us. Well, God did provide a place for us to rest for a week, and the second week, we did a different kind of rest. We met a lot of dear brothers and sisters in Christ and rested in his grace as we told the stories of his faithfulness in Nigeria. We sat in partner's living rooms, thanked God together, and rested in God's provision and calling in our lives.  I (Christy) rested in my family's joy in hosting us for many meals.  Mariama rested in the pleasure of being loved by aunties, uncles, and cousins all wanting her to come and play!

Now we are in Indiana for a week before we head across the country once again for a couple of weeks!  We praise God for how he's blessed us with family that has embraced Mariama and made home wherever we go!  We continue to pray that God will help her to know his love through us and others, making her feel secure and known as we go from house to house. 

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