Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Understood All

"How much of the story did you understand?" I asked the secondary student sitting across from me,
"I understood all," she replied confidently
This statement sounds so simple, but it struck me very deeply. I was working through an interpreter to ask comprehension questions. The girl had just listened to a story in her own language, Mgbenege. However, she attends school every day in the very language I was speaking to her, which needed interpretation. She understood all of that story. What more is there to say? Is that not what we desire for our children, our faith communities, the people of God around the world who speak thousands of languages? Do we not want them to listen to God's words and say, "I understood all." I think God wants that too. That's why I advocate for for mother tongue education, for adult literacy, for Bible Translation. That is why I'm in Nigeria.
May God spur us on toward love and good works. Toward loving him and others enough to do the good work it will take for all to understand all!

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