Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Special Gift

"You need to take at least two days when you get back to rest," the Nigeria group personnel director told us as we rushed around checking books back in the library, returning items long ago borrowed, and printing last minute reports and books.

Right. Rest.  At Christmas in the US with our families.  We agreed despite the unlikelihood of us finding a place, space, and time to rest.

We were happy to find that the sun in MI is very kind to travelers coming from Nigeria, and stays hidden in order to give maximal dark sleeping hours.  Despite this favorable condition, we found that our bodies, minds, and spirits were just not able to catch up!  However, we were given a gift at Christmas.  The 24th of December we visited a couple who offered us a place, space, and time to rest.

"We aren't able to go to the world to share Christ, so we bring the world to us," the Mrs. told us. "Once a family coming home from the Ukraine needed a place to stay and we were traveling, like we are this time. They were able to stay with their 6 children and have the house to themselves!"

Today we are rounding up our two day stay at this home filled with love and comfort.  The walls are covered with smiling pictures of children and grandchildren, Scripture, prayers, and touches that speak of a life well lived. From the big screen TV, collection of inspirational books, and wireless internet to a freezer full of yummy food and a timed bathroom warmer, we were blessed in this place.

We are so thankful for this Godly family who generously have given a priceless gift to us this Christmas by opening their home to us. We hope our lives will follow their example; to see the blessings He's given us and offer them back to him, making us a blessing to others, bringing glory to his name.  

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