Thursday, December 12, 2013

Because you wrote me the letter

It was late, so we decided not to ride the local transportation (motorcycles) but instead had asked chief Simeon if he could take us to Linus' house in his car.  Chief Simeon was part of a workshop where they were translating the the book of Luke into his language (Nkim).  Traveling with us was a younger Nkim man who was also part of the workshop and would accompany the chief back again.  Christy--as she usually does--started asking questions to get to know them better.  Eventually she came around to asking how the young man got into the work.

"The chief and others invited five people to come from my church, and for five people come from each of several other churches,"  he explained, "It happened that I was one of the few who came.  Later it turned out that I was good with the computer."  He now does much of the typing for his project.

Then I asked the chief, but what about you chief, how did you get into the work?  The chief answered, "It was because of your letter." 

"What letter?"  I asked.

"The letter you sent after you finished the survey work with recommendations about what to do next."

As a surveyor about to move into a new role, I don't think I could have heard sweeter words.

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