Monday, November 19, 2012

I’ve never been to a thanksgiving like this one! Trees were arranged in the front of the sanctuary “bearing fruit” that had been bought at the market and was sold at the proper time. Pastor William gave a sermon on the Christian life being one of thankfulness, and then we danced up with our groups. Zach: Men, Missionary, Plateau people, and Adamawa people. Christy: Women, missionary, Plateau people. When the missionaries danced up, there were only 3 of us, so Christy lead in “We are Walking In the Light of God” since our mother tongue is English. However, she did the traditional “Bee Booty” dance, as she calls the dance originated in the South, that she’s only seen here in Nigeria and makes her laugh. It brought hoots and hollers from those from that region. What fun to celebrate this thanksgiving with our brothers and sisters in Christ, dressed in their traditional dressings, singing in their mother tongues, and thanking God for the greatness of his love and blessings as they danced up the aisle with a goat or chicken, a wheelbarrow of rice, a crate of eggs, cassava on their heads, oil in their hands, or any other gift they were giving to God to say “Thank you”. We have so much to thank God for this year! Marriage, Christy moving to Nigeria and how God is sustaining her, the many joys that comes with marriage, and the struggles too. God is so abundantly good!

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