Monday, November 19, 2012

A Good Hair Day

I (Christy) bought 3 packages of hair, and enjoyed the ambiance of the Mary’s “saloon” where the number of chattering laughing women fluctuated over the 2-day work of art. Mary is almost 4 feet tall, and has a big smile that anyone would be caught off guard by. The best part of the day were the cultural lessons I received about men’s attitudes according to women, the situation downtown on Fridays (The Muslim holy day), opinions on Muslim activities from a certain Christian perspective, their thoughts on white people, the banter between single women and married men, the assurance of salvation, sexual relationships outside of marriage, forgiveness, and gossip on a host of people I don’t know from their community. It was the “Barbershop” talk Nigerian style, and I was invigorated by it, though my bum was quite tired after sitting for 8 hours. However, the hair is done, and it has brought me many sweet compliments from Nigerians and expatriates alike…it also saves me a lot of time toting water, heating it, and then washing my hair! Yeah!

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