Friday, March 15, 2019

Cheese, Chocloate, and Chatter

Cheese, Chocolate, and Chatter
There is nothing like three sisters arriving with lots of cheese, chocolate, and chatter! Not to mention family calendars, goldfish, clothes, sports equipment, and gifts for our colleagues and their wives!  They brought with them energy and a sweet reminder of home. 

Kirsti, Susannah, and Carol are also doing various projects while they’re here. 
We hosted a ladies tea for women.  Complete with door prizes, beading, and cheesecake!

We are directing a play for children in the neighborhood.  Our first performance is on Wednesday where we will present two plays, “The Sneeches” by Dr. Seuss, and “All You Need” by Max Lucado.  Please pray that the children will understand the messages of grace, love, and acceptance in the stories we’re presenting, that we will have great practices, that the children’s parents will come and support their kids, that as a team of directors, we will work well together, and that those watching will sense God lovingly drawing them. 

Carol will be staying an extra week and doing a sports camp with girls as well!  They will be focusing on frisbee and volleyball, teaching lessons about the Word and how it trains us for righteousness.  Please pray for me, Christy, as I select the girls to be involved, and that they embrace the spiritual and physical training being offered them. 

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