Friday, October 26, 2018

An unexpectedly fun stop on the way

Storytime with Zach

Princeton was supposed to share about Scripture Engagement in a seminary on the way to Abuja for some planning meetings we had there.  They were observing an International Day by celebrating their own ethnos (nations) within Nigeria and the nations around the world.  I briefly sat in the chapel sanctuary and watched Princeton’s presentation, and some of the songs and dance that followed.  I even got to taste a special traditional bean dish with black sesame seeds.  Delicious!
But I quickly slipped outside to our display at the entrance.  Several people were looking at our banner with all the languages that have some portion of Scripture translated already.  I wanted to engage them in discussion so they could learn more about the importance of Bible translation.

I asked one man, “Do you see your language?”  We found his language, Tyap, quickly on the banner.  “Did you know there are audio Scripture available in your language?”  I asked.  He didn’t.  “Do you have a phone that plays songs?  Shall it put it on there for you?”  He was quite thrilled to accept.
Sadly, he didn’t have space on his memory card, but I soon found myself putting audio Scriptures on many others’ phones in their languages.  It “just happened” that we had a stack of papers along with us with questions for leading an audio Bible study on them.  I had more than enough to give one to each person who collected the Scriptures. 
Two or three hours passed so quickly I hardly noticed.  For this one, I sent Scriptures through an app on my phone.  For that one, I explained that Bible translation is just starting and they should try hard to find out who is doing it and encourage them.   For the next one, I demonstrated how to use a solar-powered audio Bible device.  For the yet another one, I made a call to find out the price of a Bible we had brought for display, but decided to sell instead. I felt surprised.  I had just come to watch a short presentation, but here I was surrounded by a crowd of people, helping them all to access Bibles in their own languages.

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