Sunday, April 29, 2018

She Came to Beautiful Me

I didn't see her,
I didn't know,
My ignorance made me fear her,
Made my opinion low.
She was the grandma,
Maybe an aunt would be good,
I wanted to stand up,
Stomp my foot and be rude,
But she joined,
despite my protest,
I was annoyed,
I needed to focus.
The first meeting she came,
On time with her girl,
I wouldn't be the same,
She had entered my world.
Short, blunt, stuck in her ways,
The only prompt one,
Her laughter, dancing, the memory stays,
Of her having fun.
Every meeting, she came first,
At the end, ready to leave,
She's faithful to her girl, bring on the worst,
A significant thread she'll weave.
I've been humbled to see,
How she loves as she can, 
That strength is God's specialty,
He sees not like a man.
I pray they keep growing
Together day by day,
May they increase their knowing,
Of each other and the Way.

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