Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hear from Here!

I was just walking by,

I looked to my right,
They were at their work,
So closer I did lurk,
What did I see,
Yes, indeed,
It was the mighty Word
That will soon be heard,
In Margi land,
On truth to stand,
It blessed my heart,
To ponder the start,
And then the impact,
Of the amazing fact,
That "God speaks Margi,
And he know and sees me!"

We came to Nigeria to be part of the work of people knowing God loves them, hears them, speaks to them.  To walk home and see Nigerian, Margi speaking translators, along with a brother from the United States that came just to work with them, reminded me of that vision.  From right here is where the hearing begins! 

Please pray for these brothers as they check through Matthew this week. 


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