Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Zach is in Ogoja?

Zach and Princeton board the bus in Ogoja
I am in Ogoja?  I find it hard to believe.  Although I had been talking with our team for about a month about the work we need to do here, I had thought until Saturday that someone else was going.

On Monday, I not only confirmed that I was the one to go, but also found out the trip needed to be on Tuesday.  That was a quick change in plans.

Please thank God for the safe journey to Ogoja, and pray for our conversations with the speakers of the Bokyi language.  A couple of years ago our partners did some Scripture Listening and Reading Group (SRLG) training with some Bokyi speakers.  Our colleague Linus even did a follow-up training.  Now we want to see how the small groups from this training are doing, and consider training some of the leaders for further follow-up training.  Please pray for us to have wisdom and listening ears on Wednesday as we want to plan well together with the local people.  Also pray for Princeton, one of our new colleagues, to quickly pick up the skills in this kind of planning.

Thank God for the dedication of the Jesus Film and Audio recordings of Luke that will be launched on Friday and Saturday in four languages: Mbe, Obe, Nkim-Nkum, and Ekperi.  Please pray for the few words we may speak at each of these dedications, for God to spark more engagement with his Word.

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