Tuesday, March 27, 2018

May God still speak through Naboth

Left to right: Helen, Princeton, Zach, and Mark. (Rachel not shown)
"We have 14 testers who will be traveling all around Duya land testing the translation with Duya speakers," Mark shared with excitement about the progress he had just seen a few days ago.  Not only would they be testing their choice of words in the Duya translation of Matthew, John, Galatians, and Colossians, but some of the testers would even try to use some of the the audio recordings of these to do what we call a Scripture Listening and Reading Group (SLRG).  Equipped only with a single experience of an SLRG and a printout of the questions that Zach had e-mailed Mark from his phone on the weekend, we are hopeful that some of these testers will get excited about what God can do in SLRGs.  We talked excitedly about how we can make plans for further SLRG trainings involving the church leaders in Duya.

Suddenly, in passing, Mark made a comment that struck my heart.  "It will be a bit strange for people when they turn on the audio player and hear Naboth's voice."  Naboth, a gentle young Duya translator had just died in an accident with a grinding machine, just that weekend.   Our office and many people in Duya land were still dealing with the shock and grief of his loss.  How would they feel listening to the Bible read by a young brother they had just lost?  We prayed together, and ask you to join us in praying for God to speak even through these recordings of our late brother's voice.
  • Please pray for all who grieve Naboth's loss
  • Please pray that God will call Duya speakers to lead SLRGs.
  • Please pray for God to speak through the audio recordings of his Word in Naboth's voice.
For a photo of Naboth and more information to guide you as you pray, see this blog post by Wycliffe UK: https://www.wycliffe.org.uk/blog/remembering-naboth/ 

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