Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2 1/2 Weeks!

Writing that number made me double check the calendar because it barely seems long enough to cover half of what I wrote I wanted to do before I left on a list I made two months ago.  
However, that’s what we have!  Yes, in 2 ½ weeks, the four of us (Mariama, Zach, unborn pikin--"child"--and I) will board a plane to the United States. We will say goodbye to Daso after spending an afternoon and evening doing special things in Abuja with the Aunties (Auntie Mary Jane and Auntie Nnena).
What you can pray with us during this time:
  • That we finish the numerous projects: painting the children’s classrooms at church, teaching the Lessons in Luke to Bible study teachers, preparing with the ladies of Beautiful Me for the rest of the year, our scrapbook with Daso, packing the house so others can live here, visiting a couple more SLRG groups, and creating more special memories with Daso).
  • That our family stays physically healthy during this time
  • That Mariama will feel loved and secure during this time
  • That Daso will know that we love her, and can be sufficiently prepared for a time apart
  • That the baby inside of me will continue to be healthy

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