Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our House, Our Home--Until Saturday?

We walked into a house as newlyweds four years ago. 
We went to the United States and returned to the same house a year and a half ago.
We brought our first daughter home to this house nine and a half months ago.
What was a house has now become a home.

The prayer we sing as a family:
Lord, you are our true hope, give us a hunger to see your kingdom come. That leads to increasing times of worship, listening, supplication.  Our light, guide our prayers by your spirit. Make us bold in faith and humble as living sacrifices.  Holy God, may we be one as you are one, may all who enter our home, know you father and Son, and Holy Spirit, in all your glory! In Jesus name, Amen. 

We have seen children confess Christ as Lord, joined couples in kneeling to recommit their lives and marriage to Jesus, watched our two girls bond and grow beautifully, welcomed hundreds of guests, danced on our date nights, cried with neighbors at the pain they've walked through, and built a life together in this home.

We have been preparing to move on the 14th of May, but despite attempts to find alternate arrangements, have just been asked to move by the end of April (Saturday).  As far as we know, there are no new tenants ready to move in. It grieves me. We want peace with our landlord, and want to honour God as we leave.  Please pray for this situation.  I wanted very much to create a restful place in the next three weeks before we leave so we don't arrive in our new home exhausted.  We can't move into the new house until the 14th because the previous tenants are still there until the 11th. Thank you for joining us in prayer as we transition from this established home to a new house, and for peace in the unexpected.

Pray for:
  • Good relationship with the landlord 
  • God will not allow us to become bitter and hurt our testimony, but give us deep love for everyone involved
  • That God will provide a resolution to the conflict in: 
    • providing a tenant willing to pay the upcoming year's rent or
    • changing the heart of the landlord or
    • something only God can imagine! 
  • A joyful, meaningful, uplifting time as we pack and seek closure as a family

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