Friday, April 8, 2016

Close Up "Beautiful Me" Retreat

Why only this picture to represent the 4 hours these young ladies worked on Thursday morning digging and planting flowers, grapevines, and seeds?  Because everyone else has gone to bed and I don't know where their pictures are! Why were they doing this manual labor? "Digging holes builds character" of course!

AND...helps them raise the money to go to the retreat that starts on Sunday evening and goes until Monday evening.  When I asked the second girl pictured here, Gloria, what she wanted to learn in the "Beautiful Me" program for mothers and daughters, she said, "I want to learn about how to have a good relationship with God."  So, along with 4 other women, we have designed a retreat to help them on that journey.

Please pray for this event!

  • That both the mothers and daughters will come! 
  • That there will be reconciliation where relationships are broken
  • That they will learn new ways to connect with Jesus! 
  • That the Spirit of God will convict, restore, draw, and heal.
  • That in our preparation meeting on Saturday, we will have unity and clarity of direction
  • For the other Auntie's involved: Margaret, Mary Jane, Susannah, Kirstin, and myself, that we would be healthy, and listen well to the guidance of the Father! 
  • That joy will be abundant! 
  • That the lessons, games, skits, and quiet times in the lovely retreat center will linger and help them on their journey toward knowing and loving God more! 
NOTE:  Zach's sisters are here, and they've taken a LOT of good pictures.  I'll get some of those up soon. 

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