Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Resting Sickness

A 6-hour relay race earlier this year

Have you ever experienced resting sickness?  Maybe you have a different name for it, I just made up this name today!  Have you ever found that just when an intense period of work is over, that is when you get sick?

Resting to build energy for the next mile
I remember I first started noticing this phenomenon as an undergraduate engineering student.  Every quarter I would be working intensely on projects right up to the last day of classes.  Then I would start to relax during the week of final exams, when the schedule wasn’t so packed.  I distinctly remember one sunny classroom where I came down with a fever during one of the typical four-hour exams.  I recall it didn’t even bother me, I was just so happy to be done with all my work!

Well, I think I am recovering from a bout of resting sickness that has lasted about three days.  Of course, it isn’t really resting sickness.  It is over-working sickness, put off until I finally stop and take a breath.  Although I didn’t have a fever, I had something like a cold and a nasty stomach bug.  I was a little worried it could be a relapse of the malaria and some other bug that kept me going up and down with fevers for about five weeks back in June [link to topic sickness].

Please pray for me and Christy that we won’t overwork as we get back to work on January 4, and especially as Daso starts going back to school the following week.  Perhaps God will give you further ideas to pray for us over this weekend and in the coming month.

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