Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Morning Sharing

We walk in the gate of our office compound with Zach carrying his computer slung over one shoulder and a diaper bag over the other.   We were greeting the guard when Zach remembered that we promised him Scripture in his language a few days ago. Out came the computer as I asked the othe guard what his language was. "Tiv," he said.  "Oh we have that too! Do you speak your language?"  "Yes, very well," he replied.  "Great!  Husband, he needs the NT in Tiv."  Unpacking his computer and setting it on the handy table he replied hurredly, "Ok!"

10 minute later, Zach came in the office where I sat drinking tea.  Did they get it?  "Yes, and you should have seen his smile as he held it up to his ear listening, not even putting it down when I said bye." And the other one?  "Yep, no problem!"

What a joy...when it seems that things aren't going as we planned, we remember that God is the one that prepares hearts to hear his Word, and we can trust he's going ahead of us. That hope in His faithfulness is what keeps us going...and glimpses of how he's working, like this morning!

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