Wednesday, September 3, 2014


My childhood friend, Heather in Hamilton, NY who always picks up right where we left off! 

My GIAL friend from 2010, Nikki in Bingamton, NY who opened her  heart to us though we called on the way to her house!

My Aunt Ruthie and Anna in Leonia, NJ who hosted us when we called the night before saying we were coming! 

I have always thought of Nigerians and Cameroonians as being especially hospital, but we have experienced incredible hospitality as we have traveled.  Anna once said, “I should come to New York more often, everyone is always feeding you!”  And it is true!  Everywhere we went, loving hearts expressed themselves with open arms, homes, and lots of food!  Those in New Life Church near Hamilton, NY, know me so well, and have invested themselves in loving my family for as long as I can remember!  What a joy to sit and fellowship with so many who have touched my life.      

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