Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Guiding People Somewhere

Zach, Nanshal, and Eti in December 2011 when I visited to see if this "thing" would work! 
Me and my sister, Eti

Grrrrrrr….is all I could say.  GRRRRRRRRRRR.  Another wrong turn.  Why did we even bother getting a GPS on our cell phone if it was going to constantly reroute us and frustrate us!  “We used to just enjoy our journey’s, even when we were lost, but now you’re getting all upset!”  Zach said to me, annoyed.  “Well, before we used maps, and we expected maps to lead us astray every now and then.”  Zach then said exactly what I was thinking, “That’s like our relationship with expatriates and Nigerians when we’re on the field.”

You see, when you go onto the mission field, you think you will get along swimmingly with the other missionaries because they have similar experiences to you.  The expectation is that they will be easier to understand and therefore when there are miscommunications, it is especially frustrating.  With Nigerians, however, you know there are cultural roads and byways that you just won’t know about.  Detours are inevitable and grace abounds.  Hmmmm…

Me and Rachel, my dear British friend, and colleague, in Nigeria.

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