Thursday, March 20, 2014

The School Zone Speed Limit

Today I went to the not-too-far store.
Of Cheese and chocolate I needed more.
We came upon a school zone,
Complete with sign and cone.
We slowed, I looked, what did I see?
Beautiful pink flowers upon a tree.
That is when the thought so deep,
Into my rock-like mind did creep,
That slowing down to a good pace,
Might help me run a long-term race.
That is when I then did joyfully hope,
for more school zones to help me cope,
With the rush, the speed, the frenzied run,
Of living this life and having hilarious fun!
I need to schedule school zone places,
Where I can look about and see traces,
Of God's majesty and glory, his eternal signs,
That say, "I'm here, precious daughter of mine!"

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