Monday, March 10, 2014

Scottish Dancing and Nigerian Cuisine

Zach surprised me with a date to go Scottish dancing.  It was dinner time when it ended, so we looked for a restaurant and ended up at  Nigerian restaurant.  It was so serreal.  The table of Nigerian men next to us were speaking in Yoruba.  Every now and then they would stand up move to the loudly playing music.  Never in an strictly American restaurant would they have music playing that loudly. The owner, Kemi asked, “Did you just come home?”  This question as probably prompted by my Nigerian skirt, which was the only floofy one in my closet.  At the Scottish dancing, there was a Scotsman with a great accent, and people were jumping around to the music, pointed toes and all! 
How beautiful to have such a pallet of cultural colors all around us!  Praise God for the unique beauty. 
Last night we went to dinner at a dear friends house.  They invited the Paul Schroeder family with their 5 boys, and the Luke Schroeder (Paul’s brother), with their 3 children, and us!  The hosts have lived in Uganda and Kenya, they had Abigail living with them who is a visiting scholar from Kenya,  Paul and Wendi worked in Nigeria, and Luke and his family work in the Philippines.  Luke’s wife is Philipina.  We sang songs from Nigeria after the closing prayer and everyone sang and clapped and I played the table for a little percussion.

The campus if full of enriching experiences like those shared above because people come here from all over the world!  They are either from another country or have worked in another country, and here we are, all taking part of the now God has for us.   It’s such a great blessing!  

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