Monday, August 5, 2019

Sweet But Not Home

We are thankful for this time with my sister and her family in Costa Rica.  Our next stop will have us with my family in Michigan for one day before being in the rush and flow of a wedding in Indiana for Zach’s sister, Susannah.
The differences when we cross cultures are always dizzying.  Mariama often asks, “Mommy, is this drinking water?”  Well, thankfully, in Costa Rica, they have potable water!  This makes a very uncomplicated answer!  OH, and how it changes things, from being able to use newly washed dishes to quickly adding water to rice to grabbing a glass to drink. Having pure water from the tap changes our lifestyle considerably.
While we still get tropical fruits here as we do in Nigeria, there are some added special ones like Leechees and mangostins. Liquid milk, sliced grainy bread, cream cheese, Kellogs berry cereal, and butter readily available from a grocery store have us enjoying foods my girls don’t ever remember eating!
A huge difference is Lydia will often look around and ask, “Where’s Daso?”  because she’s had no extended time without Daso being a joyful presence in her life.
The biggest change for me is jet lag mixed with a relaxed schedule.  By 8am, I feel it’s noon, and I am ready to take my first nap.  By 3pm I’m ready to call it a day when often the busiest part of my day has just begun in Nigeria as much of the ministries I’m part of happen in the afternoon and evenings.
Please continue to pray for our family as we make the adjustments to life in the States for the next few months.  As we move around, we ask God to do a miracle, that our children will feel secure and stable, making both friends and memories, as we transition and rest together as a family. 

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