Monday, July 16, 2018

Three Friends Turning Three!

Three friends are turning three, plus one surprise turning our three to four was the party experience we had on Saturday. Mariama, Reto, and Avy were all born within two weeks of each other three years ago.  Vanya brought her cake along because her mommy decided this would be an opportunity to celebrate her birthday too!
The theme was "Create" as Mariama has become very creative in many ways. This is a story she has created (I wrote it up).  She also illustrated it (with my help) in Eric Carle style because one day while reading "Swimmy" by Leo Lionni, she said, "Mommy, I wish I could write a book like this."

We made playdough, did pendulum painting (pictured above), blew bubbles, read "Olivia", danced, made shakers, and ate yummy food outside!

There are about 60 people at the party!  (Most people were still in line for food at this point)

The daddy's crowned the girls to represent that their minds might continue to create, and put bracelets on their hands, that they hands might carry out that creativity.

Lydia is acutely aware of food in her vicinity.

Mariama and Reto
Mariama (left), Avy (in front of me), Reto (right), Vanya (to the right of Reto with her Micky Mouse cake)

We praise God for Mariama's life and the amazing creative little person God has made her to be! Please pray for her and her friends, that they would choose to follow him and love him all of their days.

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