Monday, February 5, 2018


“I want to go to our Balloon House,” Mariama would say our first couple days back in Nigeria, referring to the little green parsonage in Holland, MI where we lived for two months.  Then there was the morning she woke up, and Daso was here.  She hasn’t mentioned the Balloon House since. (Though she did ask to go to Nana's house, (What we call my mom) after her nap yesterday and cried in the night for cheerios.)

Life has been full of a lot of giggles, imaginative play, and endless questions since then.  Mariama and Daso are so full of life and joy.  They breeze through the house with enthusiasm and have developed their own private jokes I get the pleasure of overhearing, “Why did you say bee?” asks Daso.  “Because I love you,” replies Mariama.  “Thank you.”  And then it’s the other person’s turn.  It doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t have to, because we’re home, and that is something you feel, not something your reason. 

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