Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Marriage Dance

The congregation broke out in applause as we turned to face them.
What had we done?
We had danced.  In between every phrase in our Sunday text, Romans 12:9-12, we danced to demonstrate what we felt it meant in marriage.
As we danced, a renewed love for this very dear man God has given me tenderized me and my smile at him was genuine, my declaration to the crowd, "I love this man because he chooses to dance with me every day" was genuine.  We explained that the "marriage dance" means feeling with, listening to, moving together.

Thank you for praying with us.  Over the three days, we spent about 5 hours ministering to a group of 20 couples. We listened to Scripture, we listened to each other, we played, we worked, we ate, we danced.
God answered prayers we didn't dare to ask.  We are thankful for you faith-filled prayers and our faithful God!

"We have never had a marriage seminar like this.  It was so practical."
"This weekend was wonderful."
"This retreat will really change our community."
"Thank you for demonstrating to us what a good marriage can be."
"Wonderful, wonderful."

On and on people came up to us after church. We praise God because we know he is the God of marriage, love, and everything beautiful.  -Christy

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