Monday, November 30, 2015

Purity Olympics

What do you get when you have:
4 mother daughter teams
Dance competition
Finger "Sword Fighting" competitions that illustrate our fight for purity
Powerfuly Scriptures that show us how to fight
A Scripture scavenger hunt to neighborhood shops
A prize so two mother/daughter teams can have a special mother/daughter date?

Purity Olympics! 

Our "Olympic teams" ran from house to house, gathering momentum as we picked up the teams.  Later in the evening, when the winners had been announced, we gathered to close the evening. 
In the middle of my living room, the group of mothers and daughters stomped rhythmically while we chanted: 

"Bunzubo, Enye ba, enye ba (Yoruba war chant)
My body's for the Lord
I'm a woman of the Word
I'm gonna fight, fight, fight for my purity
So I'm beautiful
Like God wants me to be!"

Please pray for these girls who God has laid on our hearts.  God has given me a beautiful team of 3 ladies who love, pray for, and plan with me for fun purity events.  This was our 7th monthly meeting, and we don't have a good way of knowing if change is happening, if concepts are being grasped.  We want so much for these girls to know they have a choice to follow God in his loving, freeing guide for life-giving relationships.  We want them to know how high, deep, wide, and long the love of Christ is for them, that they don't have to go looking for it anywhere else but they can trust HIM to provide love in his way and in HIS time!  Please pray for their mothers , that they will fight with their girls for purity, and that as a team, they can be victorious and free to love their world!

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