Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Nigerian Friend,

If I had a good friend from Cameroon or Nigeria coming to visit, I might say this: 
Dear friend, 
  • We are looking forward to you coming so very much. 
  • I’ve learned some things I want to share with you before you come because I am still surprised by much of this!
  •   The meat has lots of fat, so pour that off before you start cooking the rest of the food with the meat.
  •   People will not visit you unless you invite them ahead of time.
  •   On time is late...late is disrespectful.  Walking into church late is not as acceptable...they start on time. The music sometimes even starts early! 
  •   You PAY for all that nice hot water you use to bath with. 
  • Most people take showers, and they will be confused if you say, "I want to bath." 
  •   Greeting as you go may bring you strange but surprisingly happy looks!
  •   Getting an “Amen” out of a group is harder, but well worth it!
  •  You can’t get the store without owning a car or having friends that tell you when they're going so you can go with them.
  •   There are  RULES as to how many people can stay in your rented flat!
  •   The veggies can stay fresh in the fridge for weeks!
  •   Oranges are orange and eggs are white  
  • You can’t bargain the price.
  • 99.9% of your shopping will be indoors. 
  • Everyone stops for you when you want to cross the street!  Sometimes it's embarassing. 
  • People don't like to be called Mr. or Pastor or Sir or Mommy or Sir or Ma or Reverend so sometimes you just can't call them anything because it's too awkward to say their first name. 
  • You pay for everything with a plastic card so you aren't always sure how much you spent.
  • The aisles in a store are full of stuff and there are too many options so sometimes you leave without buying anything because you know you can't buy everything! 
  • Contant pay for that too...and you can't get around it! 

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