Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I set out to make my family a traditional soup from Plateau State.  The ingredients are:
Alehu (Spinach)
Gauta (bitter little green tomato/pumpkin things)
Maggi (Bouillon cubes)
Acha (Fonio...little grain grown in West Africa)
Green Onions
Habañero peppers
Any assortment of other vegetables you have on hand (eggplant, tomatoes, other greens)
And meat, if you have extra cash on hand and want to make it fancy

It's very common, eaten by most indigents of Plateau State.

Here you see my family eating it. However, in this recipe there is:
Chinese broccoli
Green Onions
Acha (which I brought back with me)
Chicken bouillon
Lowrys salt
and...chicken (which in Nigeria, is often only eaten on special occasions like Christmas)

Well, I guess being with my family is an occasion to have...something that is a little bit like Gwote from Nigeria.


  1. Thank you for sharing my childhood food

    1. Thanks for commenting on our blog! We love gwote. Where are you commenting from? India? South Africa? Another country? Just checked out your blog--looks like you haven't posted recently :)


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